Call for Papers

We are committed to make 2021 5th International Conference on Materials, Mechatronics and Automation (ICMMA 2021) to be a large-scale, high quality and extensive influence international conference. The conference is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in these general areas to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of related fields.

Topics of Interest Include:

(I) Applied Mechanics

(01) The Basic of Mechanics and Research Methods 

(02) Dynamics and Vibration 

(03) Solid Mechanics 

(04) Fluid Mechanics 

(05) Thermodynamics 

(06) Biomechanics 

(07) Environmental Mechanics 

(II) Materials Engineering and Materials Processing Technology 

(08) Composite 

(09) Micro/Nano materials 

(10) Iron & Steel 

(11) Ceramics 

(12) Metal Alloy Material 

(13) Polymer 

(14) Optical / Electrical / Magnetic Materials 

(15) Materials Physics and Chemistry 

(16) Building Materials 

(17) Energy Materials 

(18) Environmental-Friendly Materials 

(19) Biological Material 

(20) Chemical Materials 

(21) Thin Films 

(22) Seismic materials 

(23) Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems 

(24) Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 

(25) New Functional Materials 

(26) Surface Engineering / Coatings Technology 

(27) Process Modeling, Analysis and Simulation 

(28) Material Processing 

(29) Material Cutting 

(30) Welding and Mechanical Connections and Fracture 

(31) Computer Aided Design of Materials 

(32) Materials Testing and Evaluation 

(33) Microwave Processing of Materials 

(III) Design and Manufacturing Technology

(34) Computer-aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering 

(35) Innovative Design Methodology 

(36) Intelligent Optimization Design 

(37) Reverse Engineering 

(38) Wear 

(39) Precision / Ultra-precision Machining and Inspection Technology 

(40) Laser Processing Technology 

(41) CIMS Technology 

(42) Advanced Manufacturing Mode 

(43) Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications 

(44) Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications 

(45) Mechanical Reliability Theory and Engineering 

(46) Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control 

(47) Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control 

(48) Heat and Thermal Conductivity 

(49) System Analysis and Process Engineering 

(50) Production Operations Management 

(IV) Automatic Control and Mechatronics 

(51) Mechatronics 

(52) Industrial Robotics and Automation 

(53) Machine Vision 

(54) Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems 

(55) Transmission and Control of Fluid 

(56) Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology 

(57) Sensor Technology 

(58) Embedded System 

(59) Microelectronic Technology 

(60) Wireless Communication Technology 

(61) Digtal Video & Image Communication 

(62) Optical Fiber Communication 

(63) Optoelectronic Information Technology and Systems 

(64) Signal and Intelligent Information Processing 

(65) Computer System Structure 

(66) Software Development and Application 

(67) Computer Application Technology 

(68) Biological Information Technology 

(69) Multimedia Technology 

(70) Network Engineering and Network Security 

(71) Electronic Eommerce and E-government 

(72) The Internet of Things 

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